the vision

Through Waters aims to increase world public awareness over a vital common good, water, creating an open platform for global dialogue.

Every year, our itinerant photo exhibition travels to cities all around the world showing international photographers’ views about water. When landing in Cambodia, it becomes ARTWATERENESS, amplifying its urban scope by also developing a set of actions which takes artistic stimulus and resources to the rural area.
Through Waters works with two such powerful elements as Art and Water. Each one itself is essential for life, a human right and an element of global relevance, but it is the synergy of both and the transversal goal of Arts democratization what brings the added value to this project.
• The approach to the value of water from the artistic experience claims to the intellectual part of the individual, connecting oneself with sensations, feelings and emotions, generating a holistic experience.
• Learnings, when associated to enjoyment, emotion and playfulness, have been proven to be more meaningful and enduring memories than those merely academic.
• Placing one’s creations next to the artists’ works from other countries contributes to be aware of the global dimension of the subject: water is a vital shared resource which affects everyone worldwide.

Through Waters believes in celebrating water as a precious element to share from love and admiration.