If you have ever met María, you must know that, if there is something important for her in the world, it is her birthday… and, finally, it arrived!

With Nerea by our side, as the best Phnom Penh supplier, we prepared a “cuelga” (a long collar with many candy bags tied up to it, typical from León, her hometown), nutella cake and some useful and light presents.

She was just happy and enjoyed like a kid the sweets and the birthday decorations.

Later, we went to Prey Pros to continue celebrating. The name is a bit confusing because Prey means forest, but the place is an enormous lake near Kampong Thom;the water should be present today, as it is meaning so much in our lives during this year.

The lake is a wonderful place, mostly visited by locals. There are some cabins with hammocks spread along the shore to ankoileing there, that’s to say sitting around chatting and chilling out; this is probably the main activity which makes Cambodian and Spanish culture come together.

Prey Pros

We spent there the whole afternoon admiring the lake chatting and drinking beer with ice, diligently refilled by a girl from a close snack bar.

Date: March 27 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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  1. Elvira
    Saturday April 5th, 2014 at 06:37 PM · Reply

    Lo de la cuelga de cumple es un detallazo!

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