As nearly everything, weekends also used to be much relaxing in other times of our lives. At least this week we could feel that we were living one because the classes stopped; we haven’t had this routine lately and it was nice to recover the sensation of being on a Saturday or a Sunday. They say that “holidays” doesn’t mean not lying on the coach, but a change of activity, and so it has been.

We have received the visit of our friend and almost flatmate Cece, who has pop in by to get to know our work in the field a bit better. Although she is very young, she is a journalist and a teacher and she has already travelled half of the world. She is one of those people who makes you wonder why doesn’t everybody picks their own way leaving social concerns aside, making it as easy as it is… and why you didn’t begin doing it before.

Her questions have made us reflect on what we are currently doing in a different way, giving us the chance and space to take the time to think about the one thousand and one experiences that we are living and to connect with the transversal feeling behind. It has been very nice to have her around and we hope she can visit again before the end of the adventure.

Like us, our house has also been busy and powerful in a different way these last two days. Two modern dance university teachers have come from Phnom Penh to train the artists from Tlaitno in a new technique that joins fighting and dancing. Men practice a style between dance and boxing, performing incredible jumps and falls; women mix dance with martial arts with sticks, creating rhythmic and precise pieces in which the sticks crash very fast.


Amazing movements and impossible jumps every time we look through a window and an internal call to action; Bruce Lee’s spirit visits us every time we hear the music playing mixed with the hitting of the sticks while they learn In the yard.

Date: Mar 15-16 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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