A new Challenge

We begin the workshops with the blind groups. We have never worked with this collective before and we were a bit uncertain about how we would manage in these first sessions. As usual, we started introducing everyone, what allowed us to know more about the students’likes and backgrounds. We are going to be together for a couple of weeks, so it was essential for us to know the group and its performance. We paid special attention to the different roles inside the groups and also the relationship with Panha, the teacher who will assist us.

At the end of the first day, nobody can erase the smile in our faces, we can’t be more delighted. The two groups are different and wonderful.

The morning group is formed by elder and more settled students. They have very intellectual interests, most of them like music and reading and they know lots of stories full of details that they love to share.
The afternoon group is composed of younger and more rebellious participants. They have a very good sense of humor and they are more physical. There are some wooden knives in the classroom, some hats and scarves and they love customizing and killing each other.

With all these artists we are going to make awesome stories!

Date: March 11 Skills: exhibitions & activities, ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS

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