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Today we welcomed our hosts. The artists from Tlaitno came to visit the exhibition bringing their source of young artists with them, the children from the School of Arts. They were accompanied by Vuthy, the functional director of the two organizations, and a social worker who has a strong link with both too.

We started with a local view across the Tonle Sap to continue discovering new looks and ways to express our relationship with water by means of photography in Through Waters’ exhibition. Since the beginning of the visit it was crystal clear that the audience was composed of artists. Not only because of the typical Khmer dancing costumes that some of them were wearing, nor for the slender movements that took them from one place to the exhibit room to another, but also because of the interventions they did, which showed a different way of looking at the pictures. It was much more creative: they stated their opinions away from the facts and close to the imagination.

After the guided tour, we proposed them to contribute to the global dialogue on water by doing some drawings; we hadn’t finished the sentence and some of them were already standing up waiting for a paper to start. They took their time to think what they wanted to express and, although they spent quite a long time looking at the other drawings that were part of the exhibition, they did their own, they didn’t copy any of them. That was quite surprising for us, because we are used to see the participants being very influenced by the artworks of the others.
While they were drawing, we played one of the Radio Theater stories that we are creating with the blind students. They liked it so much that some of them even stopped painting to focus on listening to story completely.

The visit ended and they went back to their world of art, leaving some stunning drawings behind. They are artists and we could feel it.

Date: March 20 Skills: exhibitions & activities, ON WHEELS

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