Today we have gone with Chhea to Yeak Loam Lake in his artistic research with the community who lives there. He had advanced us that he is working on the interaction between life and water and how to express it through colours. Chhea has prepared the materials and has contacted straight to the chief of the community, so we arrived there without knowing exactly what he was going to do.
When we get there, Chhea is at a dock by the lake painting a extended piece of fabric which is filled in with colours as it accompanies boys or men swimming. Vollak provides him with a help that seems choreographed, you can feel their synchrony with just looking at them. Chhea works with great concentration; he shoots photos up on a tree from which, between smiles and clicks, he launches short guidelines to the participants.
When the session finishes, they all swim together in the lake. Although we have followed all the creative process with attention, we cannot imagine what the outcome is going to be, but we will find it out soon.

To find out more about today, visit Chhea’s section here.

Date: April 28 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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