I am getting ready to leave Kampong Cham tomorrow, I head North to meet Berta and María. During the time I’ve spent here I’ve had a special relationship with three deaf guys.
The first two are Prom Vichet, the teacher who assisted me in the workshops at Krousar Thmey, and Nem Vanna, who works at DDP collecting Cambodian signs to create an own language to teach the deaf people from Cambodia.
Krousar Thmey and DDP are near each other, so I popped in by to say goodbye and, afterwards, we went to dinner together. During the dinner, we discussed whether it was better for Cambodian Sign Language to be enriched with ASL or to keep it pure, they talked in the same way that we debate in Spain if the accent at one school is more appropriate than the other… anyway, it doen’t matter, they don’t argue, they are friends.
We ate and spoke, ate and spoke, and spoke, spoke, spoke… when we got to the restaurant it was full and there were a lot of motorcycles parked at the door; suddenly, we realized that there were only two bikes in the parking, ours. As usual, the deaf people were the last to go!
Finally, the third person I want to say goodbye to is Chamroeun Leng. He is a deaf guy who works in the restaurant in front of my hotel. I met him every day and we chatted for a while in the morning, in the afternoon or in the evening… he was a very kind and nice neighbour.
I will never forget them, they have made me have a great time in Kampong Cham.

Date: May 2 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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