We are working really hard to leave all the activities for the World Water Day ready on time. To tell the truth, we are not spending much time at home as we thought when we arrived, but every time we do, there are two great guys waiting for us with a smile, kind words and an offer of help or some words to cheer us up. Today one of them has visited us in a guided tour through the exhibition with other artists from Tlaitno and some children from the School of Arts. It has been nice to be the ones to wait for them with a smile; we think they have enjoyed the visit despite the heat.

We definitely have a crush on Vuthy: not only he has been very kind and supportive to us, but he has also been able to generate a trustful ambience in our meetings; it is really easy to feel comfy and free to express oneself with him. Besides this, it is so inspiring to listen to his approach of both Arts and education in Cambodia, he loves his country’s culture with passion and you can feel it. He has been behind Tlaitno since it was born, since the very beginning of the artists’ careers, when they were only some children who enjoyed dancing in the School of Arts. He is the responsible for professionalizing their vocations, turning them into jobs. Today we could see how he brings out an even more careful loving man when he came to visit the exhibition with the children of the School of Arts. He is one of those people that make a difference and we feel both proud and happy for having the chance to share time with him.


Date: Mar 20 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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