is exactly what u make in this shitty world, new feelings, new hopes, new ways of living, new kinds of believing, thanks, is the only word comes to my mind… Thank you so much. U are becoming a better world with one of the material things that is important (water) and the most important thing in everyone’s life (education).

keep working, keep sharing, keep in touch!

millions of kisses to this couple who just make me be the proudest person on earth. Love u sisters


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  1. Tuesday March 4th, 2014 at 04:47 PM · Reply

    Today I went to a school outside rome, 80 km from the capital.
    We are going to work with schools and they are really interesting to develop our view with their students. Water and its value in different forms, meanings in different realities world wide.
    I think that this river of action and dialogue is a real opportunity to change something in this world!!

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