We woke up early and we looked at each other with the“today is the day” face. We got ready, left the guesthouse, had bai sach churuk for breakfast to hit the morning and we started to pedal.

To tell the truth, it was a very complete day, we lived some kind of summing up including representative moments of many days of the journey. We had long periods of good road, good weather and beautiful landscapes, but also, crowded national road, gravel, rain, feints of slopes, sand path, countryside, mud, dust, rubber plantations, palm trees, rice fields, wooden houses, markets, crossroads, bridges, ppeper under the sun, villages, ponds, rivers, orange fridges under umbrellas splashed all the way long, urban suburbs, city centre… We also had a restaurant with a homy lady who even invited us to bakery, a chat with locals at a stand about the suitability of a prompt marriage, an urgent need to find a gas station with toilet, a boy racing with his bicycle when we crossed his village,… definitely, very representative. It seemed to be designed on purpose.

We had imagined the arrival in so many ways. Under the sunset, calling home with a fresh beer in the hand in a terrasse next to the river… In the middle of the morning or after lunch, showing up at a friend’s job…. It happened at night, by fits and starts. First we got to the other side of the river, in front of Phnom Penh city and the rain caught us. A intense orange sun went down as we run towards the ferry that would take us to the other bank. It was going to be an arrival literally through waters, in absolute harmony with the project. The ship arrived, we crossed the river and, after riding for a few minutes, we realized we were still on the other side in front of Phnom Penh… big disappointment. Bloody cities with playful rivers, damn it!

We rode across the riverbank until we reach the bridge and we crossed it, pedalling over the waters. We had made it! We had ridden more than 2.500 kilometres taking our exhibition and workshops by bicycle around Cambodia.

Final stop, Phnom Penh

Date: May 21 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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