Early in the morning, we have a meeting at the school to see if they are interested in our activities. Every time we get to a new place we launch our Hello radars indiscriminately, until the apparition of this person who, with his little bit or huge knowledge of English and our little bit of Khmer, wants to assist us, reaching a complete level of communication. This time we have been lucky; Professor Mr. Delin is charming, he speaks English quite well, and, what is more important, he likes the project and, maybe, he will assist us in the workshops. The high school director also likes the initiative, so we will hand him a full proposal tomorrow.

Very well. The high school is a bit far from our house (in village dimensions), but it is just in front of Tela gas station. In this trip we have learned to worship gas stations world because, although we don’t need to refill with the bicycles, they always have the best and cleanest toilets, shops with air conditioner and, usually, really good Internet connections.
In this case, this Tela station has the best Internet connection in town, so we come here to surf the net and drink a light coke (an article very difficult to get out of the gas stations) enjoying the fake fresh air of a good aircon machine.

Date: April 23 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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