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We get to Beung Khnar Commune and stop by the restaurant in front of the market to review the activities that we are going to develop with the children who attend Prey Svay School. We have come here to develop some workshops with one of our partners, Teuk Saat. This is a local NGO dedicated to deliver fresh water to many villages across Cambodia by means of a social entrepreneurship company, Owe.

Two hours later, our contact shows up to pick us up without us having been able to reach him by phone; definitely, being the three only foreigners in the village happens to be a call appealing enough for him to find us. He kindly takes us to the accommodation they’ve prepared for us all: a wonderful blue wooden house that we’ll be sharing with other community guests. The school director lives in the ground floor with his family. They have some pigs, hens and ducks and a curious mushroom farm.

We go with our hosts to visit the school and Teuk Saat’s water station, which is placed in its play yard. We set up the exhibition outside the classrooms while many children pick up the litter from the area. Ready for an early start tomorrow!

Date: 11 Feb Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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