To celebrate World Water Day, we are glad to give you some of the outcomes of our last activities, whose participants, the main characters, are pleased to share with the world.

They are the students from the school for deaf and blind children that Krousar Thmey in Siem Reap, where we will finish our workshops on Monday.

During these two weeks we have been carrying out artistic activities about water and, for today, we have planned a series of events which includes a guided tour through our exhibition, a conference about The water management in Angkor and its region by Mr. Peou Hang, director in APSARA Authority, and a traditional Khmer dancing and music show, with a special program specially dedicated to water, that the independent association of artists TLAITNO will perform.

You can enjoy the images gallery that collects the water photoexperience lived by the deaf students here and you can also enjoy two radio theatres fully developed by the blind students. One is based on a traditional Khmer story, which tells the fight between Ta Prohm and the animals to recover the rain, you can listen to it here, and the other is a new creation which tells the story about a cursed river, you can listen to it here.

Date: Mar 22 Skills: Art, Celebrate, DIALOGUE, WORLD WATER DAY

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  1. Elvira
    Saturday March 22nd, 2014 at 12:47 PM · Reply

    ¡Me encanta la foto de la niña estrujando la botella y el agua saltando por el aire!

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