We have taken some days almost off, they have begun so good… we woke up in a wonderful bungalow in the middle of the hills. Big bed, hot shower, a touch of style in the decoration. Last night our neighbour was playing the guitar while we were reading in the hammock of the porch.

Today is Khmer New Year and our adventurous spirit didn’t warn us to book a room so we had no place to sleep: everything is full.

We went to the lobby and restaurant, had the breakfast of champions and we were chilling and uploading this wonderful blog. The place was nearly empty. Just two couples, two women, and us. After a bit of chat, the great staff manager showed us her wedding pictures and allowed us to sleep in the restaurant for free. We talked to the lady seated next to us and told each other what we were doing. A few minutes later, her friend came laughing to congrat us for having made it till here and to command us not to go on the elephants trip today, just to have a rest instead.

She came again asking if we preferred red or white wine. And, once more, bringing a folded sheet of a notebook with a clip. Inside, a coat of beautiful words hugged the most emotive personal donation we have received. Huge imaginary tears rolled down our cheeks. Our English vocabulary struggled to describe our gratefulness status … astonished, touched, moved, thankful, joyful… well, it was not the English… just no words.

We asked for some bread, went down to the cycling larder, and opened a couple of envelopes full of the real Spanish ham. It was certainly an unexpected moment followed by a surprising afternoon and evening. We just had an incredible time getting to know them.

These two nurses, who were currently working in a TB program in Kampong Cham, were as interesting as hilarious. It is great when life puts people like them in your way, they shared their one hundred previous lives, we enjoyed their views on the world and their witty comments. For sure, they will have one hundred lives more…

It’s been so cool to discover Kim and Helen, two women to meet. Wonderful!!


Date: April 13 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route


  1. Wednesday April 16th, 2014 at 11:04 AM · Reply

    Hello! Oh wow, I just realised you wrote about us! Kim is a very generous and wonderful woman who I feel equally privileged to have met, as you do.

    What a special treat to have met you and I really do look forward to seeing you again in Kampong Cham!

    • artwatereness
      Monday April 21st, 2014 at 12:59 PM · Reply

      We try to reflect what really matters in the adventure here and, definately, you were a must! Count on a visit in our way back to Phnom Penh, Helen, we’re looking forward too!

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