the mekong

The logistics are ready, the blog is up to date and the routes are clear. Today is the day when, again, we finish preparing and we move again. Being between power and action drives us a bit crazy; we’ve seen ourselves here before and we don’t like it very much.

We go to the river, breathe and look at him. We see that he has also organized to get to us. Hundreds of years preparing a riverbed that allows him to flow until the end and adapting to what others dispose for him. At this point, Mekong has already added 95% of the waters it gathers on its way. We stare at his majestuous flow, with his rhythm, with a moderate water level if you see the marks of the riverbed. As Siddhartha, we try to learn from him and flow; taking a lot in total and the precise amount at every moment.

Date: April 6 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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