Based on the rain of the previous day and on a cloudy sunrise, we had a quiet working breakfast delaying the moment to hit the road (fatal error, again!). The way to Banteay Meanchey was psychologically hard because, although it wasn’t completely true, if we trusted the road boards, it seemed that we were going back to Battambang. Once we recovered the main road, we headed to its capital city, Srei Sophoan.

The whole meaning of the Khmer word hoi becomes real in this road. The first time that you hear it you are not really aware of what a useful word it is; it takes you a couple or three times to decide to make the effort to memorize it… but Cambodia is hoi, a word that, sometimes, means dusty, others polluted, or that the atmosphere is full with pollen or micro-particles suspended in the air that don’t allow you to breathe properly.

Hoi (adj).- Status of the air in Thmar Kuol – Srei Sophoan road.

Date: Feb 20 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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  1. mario
    Saturday March 15th, 2014 at 06:46 AM · Reply

    Es una muestra fehaciente del esfuerzo realizado para llevar la cultura a zonas que de otro modo jamás la recibirían.Ánimo María Berta Nolasco sois un ejemplo a seguir para toda la humanidad.Muchas gracias en nombre propio y en el de todos los que se sientan identificados con esta plausible iniciativa.Siempre adelante que las pedaladas de vuestras bicicletas os acerquen cada día más al pueblo camboyano.

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