Today we’ve started to work with the students from Ratanakiri High School. We have two groups who will come every morning during this week to build a book about water stories in Cambodia. We’ve shown them the exhibit and we’ve also shared with them what Through Waters project is about and how we are implementing it in Cambodia by means of ARTWATERENESS. We’ve done an illustrated review on our experience on wheels to date and it seems that, on one hand, they’ve liked watching the activities we’ve been developing until now and, on the other, they are motivated to join the project and excited about us showing their views on water in Phnom Penh. Besides this, this morning the owners of a restaurant we usually go to because it is delicious have also visited the exhibition, we were really happy about it. They came dressed up and they have been very interested in knowing the origin of the pictures and, in some, the will of the artist behind the photograph.

There is a terrible heat on us and it doesn’t rain… let it rain over us, please, please…

Date: May 6 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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