We began especially early, leaving Nolasko in the city. Bye bye, good luck and… back to the road!

The first up and down slope was Kampong Cham bridge; crossing it was a training to was the day was going to be. As we went ahead, the hills up and down were harder. The first ones left us completely KO. Berta even had to get off the bicycle and walk it to the top at the end of some. But we started learning, not only to use the strength, but also to make the best of the inertia. Every time we took the power of acceleration more to the limit in the downhills, using it to push us up in the next hill and, after the twentieth slope and an improvement in our gear changing ability, it was almost taking us to the top.

In the bicycle you have a lot of time to reflect, what is more, thought accelerate and you jump from one to another at the same speed that your legs pedal. The parallelisms between how you ride and how you live come to you unexpectedly all the way long; your attitude at the road, your resources to resist, your complaining and resilience skills… etc.

It has been a long day until reaching Memot. It has been very tiring and hot all these self-learnings shared at the stops and dipped in delicious iced coffees make it worth it.

Date: April 8 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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