We start to set up the exhibition in a proper hall for the first time. We are going to merge our international exhibit with another about the Tonle Sap lake that Krousar Thmey is showing now. In this local exhibition you can learn about the lake’s plants and animals and know some curious data that illustrate the life style of the people who live in the biggest lake of Southeast Asia. Both expos will live together with another exhibition more: the dark room, a place designed to experience the lack of vision in varied conditions.

The integration of our photographic collection becomes a bigger challenge than expected due to the conjugation of two elements: the absence of walls to place them and the presence of objects we must include. We solve the first one creating our own walls with fishing nets and the second, giving a sense that keeps the coherence between the location of our photos and the topic that each object inspires.

Date: Mar 7 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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