Kampong Cham

Today we have reached Kampong Cham, the third biggest city in Cambodia. You can notice it in its dimensions, but you can’t in the attitude of its people.

Here, the Mekong is the main character; there is a beautiful river walk, which invites your thoughts to flow with its waters, to fly away with them. The life of the city is in communion with the river in many senses, it is cozy and quiet, but its activity doesn’t stop. Considering we are in Cambodia, it is quite clean; it seems that they launched a campaign to generate awareness against littering.

Although it is a big city, there is no hurry in here, no crowded areas; even the institutional buildings zone reminds you of a theme park… and it must be the first time that we see dustbins outside Siem Reap! We wish this example spreads over the country, because litter, especially plastic, is as representative from a Cambodian landscape as a rice field.

Date: April 1 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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  1. Leyre
    Thursday April 24th, 2014 at 09:12 AM · Reply

    Kampong Cham es la ciudad por excelencia del partido del Gobierno (no pongo siglas por si os vetan ;) ). He ahi las papeleras y su paseo rivereno cuidado. Es la cara limpia del Gobierno, que mucho tiene para limpiar, por desgracia.

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