Sat at Prey Svay community house’s room, taking advantage of the silence brought by an awfully hot afternoon, we recorded the songs that filled in the school’s playground yesterday.
These songs and poems have been created by Kearoth, the guardian angel Teuk Saat has sent us with the mission of supporting us in the workshops. Behind each of them learnings on the WASH affairs are hidden: how to clean the water tank, how to wash our hands properly, being careful with the flies, the importance of drinking safe water…etc When he sang them to the children, they were listening very excited and they were very into the stories. It was the best final show that we could ever imagine for our workshops and we would like to share a bit of it with you:

Washing hands – Leang daiy

Wash Hands-leang_daiy by artwatereness on Grooveshark

Careful fly – Projat roi

Careful Fly-projat_roi by artwatereness on Grooveshark

Cleaning the water tank – Leang peang

Clean Water_tank-leang_peang by artwatereness on Grooveshark

Drinking safe water is healthy (poem)

Poem-drinking Safe_water_is_healthy by artwatereness on Grooveshark

Date: Feb 14 Skills: exhibitions & activities, ON WHEELS, the route

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