Khmer New Year living in the restaurant of a foreigners resort means going to bed late and waking up son. Never mind, we are thankful to be able to sleep here, the people and the place are great.

Today we’ve been finishing some delayed office work and later we’ve gone to the village for a walk. It is a quiet place to stay even during the Khmer New Year celebrations, which you can notice by asking for a room anywhere, as, if any available, they are 20% more expensive than any other time of the year.

Every house in the village has a table by the door with some offerings surrounded by lights. You can see two main activities in each of them: families eating and people playing cards; it is funny to see how we all do the same things.

After our walk, when we were going back to the hotel, some wooden buildings caught our attention. A kind lady welcomed us inside a field where some houses from Bunong minority were being built. She showed us three different kinds of constructions: a big house with a roof made of straws and wooden walls and two more houses, this time built in heights, over sticks. One of these was fully made in bamboo (even the floor, which showed the ground between one cane and another) and the other mixed bamboo, wood and straw.

These two offer a great view of the mountains where all the complex is located. She explained that she’s going to grow a typical field from the minority below, to show that the houses have a framework of ropes that connects them to the field, so they can avoid birds from eating the harvest, something like a scarecrow system based on strings hanging from the balcony. Traditionally, Bunong minority grows rice, corn, chilly and eggplant in their fields at the same time.

Date: April 14 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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