artwatereness on the way to kampong chhnang Fresh and eager, we start biking in the early morning after a bai sach churuk energizer breakfast (rice with pork). We sing, talk and wonder when we will start losing gas. And drink. And bike. And drink. And bike. And drink. And around 40 kilometres later we get to Udong, still feeling strong. We visit the temples and enjoy the outstanding sightseeing almost six hundred steps away from the ground floor. Back to the road, after a quick lunch in Udong town and a few kilometres, we begin to feel powerless. Kampong Chhnang seems a faraway target to reach, so we ask for shelter in a pagoda and they accept to host us. We settle our mosquito nets and go to the village nearby to look for a place for dinner. Everything is closed, but the woman who owns the local restaurant welcomes us in and surprises us with a delicious meal for which she refuses to charge us for. When we come back to the pagoda, we have a nice chat with the child monks; they share some Pali lessons with us and we show them some pictures of our exhibition. When they go to sleep, we are invited to have a shower in the well. The fresh water under the stars restores us in many ways. Today is one of those days that makes you realize this world is a great place to be.

Date: February 2nd Client: On the way to Kampong Chhnang Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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