King Sihanouk’s birthday kept some of the teachers and students out from school, but our children and Chieng, our assistant, were at high school to see all together the outcomes of the workshop that we had been carrying out the whole week. When everything was prepared to screen the shortfilms that some groups had done, the electricity abandoned us once more, so we had to watch them in the tiny little screen of our laptop; anyway, the students loved seeing themselves and their classmates acting in the musical, comedy and educational play they had performed showing great drama skills. They even brought memory sticks to keep the stories.
We could also see the book we had made collecting all the stories about water that they had been doing, real artworks that Chieng, acting as an outstanding master of ceremonies, showed the students, encouraging the authors to share caring explanations about their creations with the others.

We spent a close last encounter exchanging how much we all had enjoyed our time together, it was a very loving farewell.


We took the exhibition down and said good bye to the cultural centre, our professional home in Ratanakiri. Everything was ready for the return to Phnom Penh: Nolasko would do the way back by bus with the exhibition and Berta and Maria faced the last bit of a cycling journey that was about to end.

Date: May 16 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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