The number of the day was a good clue. We will remember March 10th as the day we met Peou Hang, a great man.

He is director at APSARA Authority, the organization in charge of the recovery and maintenance of Angkor region and temples. We had contacted him thanks to UNESCO Cambodia’s mediation; when we asked them about interesting people linked to the water world in Cambodia, his name showed up in less than a second. And really, even though it was very difficult because our expectations were very high, he got to overcome them. It has been a terrenal pleasure being able to dialogue with him about the obvious magnificent usefulness of his work and it has been a divine pleasure to access his perception of the world and his approach when looking at it.

We could write a lot about our meeting, but we keep it for our personal enjoyment; we will only say that there isn’t enough space inside us to store the joy that we feel because he is joining us in the celebration of the World Water Day to give a speech on the water management in Angkor and its region… we have a premium speaker!

Still in extasis after meeting Peou Hang, we met Krousar Thmey to prepare the workshops and we left everything ready to start the following day. We will carry out a photo workshop with the deaf students and a Radio Theater with stories about water.

perfect days happen

Date: March 10 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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