Next day, a change of guards, Nerea went back to Phnom Penh and our beloved Leyre arrived from there.

She knew that we had to work this weekend, but we agreed looking for a balanced way to combine leisure and work. The best one we found was going the following day to a cozy hotel with a wonderful swimming pool. We had everything we needed in there, Internet and fresh water, tasty food and quietness to concentrate. Everything was great until we realized something was going wrong with our laptop… it didn’t work. We decided not to desperate, continue working in paper and enjoy the water. In the evening we knew the diagnosis: death for trouble in the motherboard… holy God… this is the last decease from a long spell of technological losses suffered in this country; only a small computer survives now, long life to the Acer!

In order not to over-depress ourselves, we took a tuktuk and we went to Phnom Santuk. This is the main holy mountain of the province of Kampong Thom. It is topped by a complex of pagodas and stupes with the peculiarity of having lots of Buddhas sculpted in the rock walls of the mountain, some of which are really enormous, and many monkeys.


We climbed the 809 steps quite exhausted, wondering why one gets so tired with all the cycling that we are doing. The stairs are eternal and in both of their sides there are a row of men, in one side, and of women, in the other, pulling from Nagas.


When we went down it was getting dark: in the lowest part of the mountain there was a pagoda which is still used nowadays. There we saw some child monks playing in an open room, with columns, all made in wood… the light and the ramshackle place created a disconcerting image… we didn’t know then that it was going to be the place where we would sleep the next day.


Date: March 28 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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