Today has been our first shooting day. As we had time, in Ratanakiri we wanted to give the participants the freedom to choose the technique to tell their stories about water. Some are just drawing, others are mixing with text and photos and others have picked the video.

They have asked us for help to record it and they had told us that they had everything ready, but it sounded very messy when they explained it… one sang a song, another said afterwars not to litter… Trusting our artists, we have gone with them to Kom Seang Lake. It has been amazing, they were really well prepared. They had the atrezzo at the lake and clothes to change in their bags… and in the first rehearsal we have found out that it was a musical! Everything has gone smooth and the short film is ready. The only cut has been provoked by a moment of shyness… too many boys from a different school around. No problem, we have swum for a while until they were gone.

Date: May 9 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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