It has been a weird day at school; we were supposed to close the workshops, but the children went on a trip to the countryside, so we’ll do it on Monday. They were very happy, laughing and playing, behaving as what they were, showing the excitement that a day out causes in a child about to live a holiday with their schoolmates.

Some of the eldest stayed to study and we recorded a song they had created to close the Radio Theatre of the morning group of blind students: AMAZING. The story was ready to be part of the celebration of the World Water Day too!

When we went back home, typical Khmer songs came from outside entering through our windows. The artists were rehearsing the water pieces of dance for tomorrow’s show. Our computers and telephones don’t stop. Organising an online-offline event takes time and energy, lucky we have some left! We spend both without asking whose they are in case somebody reclaims them…


Date: Mar 21 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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