It was March 29th and in two days we had an appointment with Teauk Saat to develop some workshops in Kandal province. We had been trying to reach them for days unsuccessfully to get the explanation of where exactly the site was. Anyway we wanted to hit the road that day. We did it at late afternoon because it was just impossible finding room in a place with proper internet to try to update some delayed computer work.After less than 8 kilometers Berta’s bike started having problems, it took her a while to realize that it was not just that she was very tired, but that the bike rack was broken and the bags were stopping the back wheel. When she finally stopped to check what was going on, the others were far away… so bad, she didn’t have any money with her!! She called María, and she and Nolasko had to undo their way to meet her at the repair shop. After more than one hour we re-started the way… the night was falling down and we were far from any towns. So bad luck, we tried to move forward to finally do around 15 km in three hours.

At a market by the road, they suggested us to ask the monks for a place to sleep… as we were getting closer to the pagoda, we noticed that it was last night’s one, near Phnom Santuk!! Today the monks and the place were not as creepy as they seemed yesterday; on the contrary they were very kind and, apart from the room with bathroom to sleep, they gave us some dinner… It was an awfully hot night and none of us slept well.

We woke up very early, tired, knowing that we had a long biking day, trying to make up the short distance traveled yesterday. But soon it was too hot, we were tired, and we decided to stop for an early breakfast. Then María looked at her phone, she had an email. Teuk Saat finally answered back, they had already launched their water station two weeks ago!!


Suddenly we had lots of time. We looked at the map, we were in Kampong Thmar and there was the beginning of a secondary road, that couldn’t be worse that the one we have been riding these days. We decide to take it, the road 71, was our new way to kampong Cham.

Date: Mar 29 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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