Coming back home from the morning workshop, I approached one of the artists from Tlaitno to ask him for the key, as I had forgotten to ask Berta and María for it. The boy, very kind, gives me the key but, before going upstairs, he proposes me to invite me to a coconut. It was great, we went to a palm tree in the garden and he hit the coconut with a stick until it fell down. So there we were, the two of us in the little porch chatting in Khmer and Sign Language, when another artist appeared with his back full of red circles.
I already knew that those kind of massages based on suction pads existed, but I have never tried them. I asked him where he had got it and he understood me! He told me it was $5 and how to get there. I thought about going later on, or maybe another day… but, suddenly, he said “wait!”.

Half an hour later he showed up with a suitcase full of suction pads and a stick with the side wrapped in fabric that he dipped in alcohol to light the inside of the suction pads and generate vacuum.
It was a curious sensation, I could feel how my skin was sucked by the pad, when the 24 suction pads were on my back I couldn’t move, everything was in tension, feeling that all the little sucks pulled me back. As the time went by, my circulation was awaking and I felt the blood flowing under the suction pads. When he took them off was when I could really feel pleasure…

The boy was a bit shy when he saw Berta and María walking in the house… he finished and left in a rush. I followed him to pay him and he told me that it wasn’t necessary, but I was glad to pay him anyway, it had been a very interesting experience. People say that if you are in big pain, it calms it down, but it wasn’t my case. Although I didn’t feel a big change afterwards, I liked having tried it and, the same day, my back was full of little circles which turned from red to purple to end vanishing in a few days.

The children from the school came around me when they saw the red circles sticking out my neck, they thought I was sick and I had to calm them explaining that I had only done it because I was curious… They understood it, as these therapies are only for adults, not for children, and they were curious too…

Date: Mar 18 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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