RACHA was pretty right assigning Than and Taren to look after us. To tell the truth, we couldn’t be more lucky. They take care of us in every way and always in the best. They helped us to settle in, to place the exhibition, they started us in the best places to eat, to buy, to have a shower and wash our clothes, they teach us a lot of Khmer language and stories from Cambodia. They are always very supporting and caring.

Also the lady from the restaurant where we usually eat, who, as they say here, pukae twe mahob (she knows how to cook), and surprises us every day with unknown Khmer dishes, always delicious and different. With her we are learning the diverse dry fish, having breakfast with mango salad, how tasty the herbs are and the thousands of sauces they can be mixed with, the Cambodian omelettes and the wonderful world of the duck in sauce.

Thanks to this trio’s energy we can face one hundred workshops and more! THAN &TAREN

Date: Feb 28 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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