There aren’t enough words in this world to express our gratitude to i-Qlick Canon team, nor in English, Khmer, French, Japanese or Spanish… THANKS, THANKS, THANKS… for backing the project from the very beginning, for trusting our idea, for encouraging us and for working with us to make it real.

A brand is made up by every person behind it and, if it is smart and lucky enough to count on the right people, then it becomes a huge human being, able to cause amazing stories to happen. Ours has been a story of illusion and learning across Cambodia.
The technical equipment they lent us and their visit to Takeo have given the people from the villages the chance to have their first experiences with the photography world and to improve their knowledge and creativity. The competition on the importance of water that we organised together with UNESCO and RUFA gave us the opportunity to reach a massive audience to enhance the cultural exchange around water. The exhibition hall where we showed ARTWATERENESS was the best space that we could ever imagine for sharing our adventure. Together, we have written many stories linked by water in Cambodia, promoting its global dialogue by means of Arts.

We would like to specially thank Camille and Liwen for your personal commitment and loving implication, for always easing the path proactively and for letting us enjoy your helpful team whenever we needed it. For sure, we will never forget you.

i-Qlick Canon team in Cambodia, we love you!!!

Date: June 30 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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