Today we have formally pushed many of the activities we are organizing for the world Water Day. Photra and Long, from Krousar Thmey, are helping us to find the right audience to enjoy Peou Hang’s conference and also he show that Tlaitno is designing for us. We feel really backed and wishing the day D to arrive.

Today, we have also become Vuthy’s fans, the director of Tlaitno. He is as charming and cute as culturally proactive and involved in enhancing Arts in Cambodia. He has customized a special program for us, picking dance pieces which keep a meaningful link with water for the show of March 22nd.

Today too, we have met Lidia and the association she has created, Together for Cambodia, in which there is an orphanage, a network to attend forgotten grandmothers, a unit to support children affected by weird diseases and a project to build a school. This woman doesn’t catch her breath! She is an incredible non-stop engine and, for what we could see when we visited her, she is doing an outstanding work.

The workshops are going very well. Our children from Radio Theatre are very happy to have already chosen their stories and this afternoon we could see the participants in the waterphoto workshop all completely wet running from one place to another and laughing as if it was going to be forbidden… it looks like they are enjoying the activities!!!

Date: Mar 14 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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