PRESENTER.- We present the spoken theatre which tells the story of “The fight for the rain”. This story has been carried out by the students from Krousar Thmey’s school for blind and deaf in Siem Reap, supported by the teachers Berta and María from Spain. The recording has been directed and produced by the teacher Panha and the teachers María and Berta. Starring: NARRATOR and SINGER: Yieng TOAD, SONG AUTHOR AND DRUMS: Sitha FISH: Pau BEE AND XYLOPHONE: Sarat WINTERMELON: Ratana VINES: Professor Panha TA PROHM, SOUNDTRACK COMPOSITOR, FIDO and PRESENTER: Poat -THE STORY BEGINS- NARRATOR.- A long time ago, when animals could still speak, many complaining voices came from the Earth. It seemed that Ta Prohm had fallen in love with a goddess, so he had forgotten his obligation to send the rain for such a long time, that the animals and plants were very sad and starting to die. TOAD.-Friends! This is very bad for us, toads and frogs! If it doesn’t rain soon, we are all going to die. Many animals have already passed away and we can’t find plants to eat. The ponds are dry, we have to do something about it! FROGS AND TOADS.- What can we do? TOAD.- Let’s organise! Let’s go and make Ta Prohm give us the rain back!!! FROGS AND TOADS.- Ok, Let’s go!!! NARRATOR.- Hundreds of toads and frogs organised themselves in an army and headed to the paradise when, on the way, they met a huge group of fish. FISH.- Frogs, toads, where are you going? TOAD.- We are going to make Ta Prohm give us the rain back! FISH.- We were going there too! Nearly all the ponds are dry and our brothers and sisters are dying! Can our group join yours? FISH GROUP.- Can we? TOAD.- Yes, Let’s go! You can come with us, but I will be the leader. FISH GROUP.- Of course! NARRATOR.- And they continued their way together, when a shadow covered them. It was the bees! BEE.- Fish, frogs, toads, where are you going? TOAD, FISH.- We are going to make Ta Prohm give us the rain back! BEE.- We were going there too! There are no flowers to drink the nectar and we can’t make honey! Can we go together? BEE GROUP.- Can we? TOAD.- Yes, Let’s go! You can come with us, but I will be the leader. BEE GROUP.- Of course. NARRATOR.- They all went together to the paradise. Although they were very tired, they were very encouraged because they were many. At that moment, they saw a group of wintermelons rolling . WINTERMELON.- Bees, fish, frogs, toads, where are you going? TOAD, FISH, BEE.- We are going to make Ta Prohm give us the rain back! WINTERMELON.- We were going there too! We are very hungry! Can we go with you? And the vines will come with us too. VINES.- Yeeees! We can be very useful in the fight! FISH.- Let them follow us, Toad, they can help us. BEE.- Shall we let them join us? ALL.- Yeeeahhh Yeeeeahhhhh!!! TOAD.- Yes, Let’s go! you can come with us, but I will be the leader. WINTERMELON AND VINES.-Of course! NARRATOR.- The frogs, the toads, the fish, the bees, the wintermelons and the vines jumped, walked, flew and rolled until reaching Ta Prohm palace, who was enjoying with the goddess. the toad started the fight strategy they had prepared… TOAD.- Take positions! Bees, prepare to attack the front! Fish, hide in the jars to throw ashes in his eyes! Winter melons roll and wait in front of the throne and make him fall! Vines wait in front of the door and tie his feet and neck so he can’t fight back! Frogs and toads you will attack after the bees!! Let’s goooooo!!! TA PROHM.- aaaahhhhh TA PROHM.-ahhhh!!! TA PROHM.- What do you want from me? Let me go! TOAD.- Now everybody stop!! TA PROHM.-Why are you doing this? Why you dare to invade my kingdom??? TOAD.- Because you did not sent rain to the earth and because it’s your fault that nearly every animal is dead. We will let you go when you give us the rain back. ALL.- Yes, yes! Give us the rain back!! TA PROHM.- All right, I promise to give you the rain back. I wasn’t paying attention and I hadn’t noticed it hadn’t rained in such a long time, I am sorry. And I promise to send you rain every time that you ask me for it. TOAD.- What should I do? How would you know that we need the rain? TA PROHM.- You only have to make your sound, … and I will send you the rain. ALL.- YEEEAHHH YEEEAHHHHH NARRATOR.- And so it was. That is the reason why the people knows that every time that a frog makes croac-croac, op-op, ap-ap… the rain is about to start.

Date: Mar 22 Skills: Art, Celebrate, DIALOGUE, exhibitions & activities, Stories


  1. Elvira
    Tuesday March 25th, 2014 at 11:44 AM · Reply

    ¡JAJAJA! Los pepinos rodando y los sonidos es lo que más gracia me ha hecho :D
    Se lo habrán pasado en grande creando esta historia, es muy chula.
    ¡Aplauso para ellos también!

  2. Isabel
    Sunday March 23rd, 2014 at 05:36 PM · Reply

    ¡Es genial! Lo hacen muy bien: los sonidos, la música… y la historia es muy bonita. Son unos artistas.

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