The workshops go ahead and, once more, the participants surprise us with their imagination, their capacity of involvement and their details, which reveal the good hearted people they are. The variety of formats each group is picking to materialize the water stories has also been a nice surprise.


This afternoon, while we were working in the cyber, peep-peep a whatsapp arrives… Nolasko is in the city! After a short period of holidays, he has ridden from Sen Monoron without finding any bridges under construction… or there are many ways or we are at the quickest bridge construction ever, because it is true that when we came there were some pillars made of concrete in the river where we were stuck for six hours, but, concerning the Cambodian timing, it is hard to think they became a bridge in less than a year… miracle or routes diversity?
Before meeting us he has been swimming in Yeak Loam lake, the cráter lake. He says this is one of the most beautiful lakes he has seen in his whole life.

Date: May 7 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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