We have received the visit of Together for Cambodia, an organization where help and wonder gather around a full project: it is as helpful as wonderful.

Around 20 smiling kids and three adults arrived at Krousar Thmey Exhibition Hall to enjoy a guided tour through the integrated exhibition which mixes a walk through the Tonlé Sap, by Krousar Thmey, and many international views on water, by Through Waters. After five minutes we could notice that this audience gathered the best English speakers we have ever had among our visitors. It was very gratifying for us to tell them about the significance of water in a more fluent way. Lidia Linde, the founder of the organization, had told us in advance that they were able to communicate in English with a very good level, so we had decided to develop a performance that we wanted to do since the very beginning of the project, when we haven’t even defined it yet.


It is about drinking water in a conscious way: in front of a glass of water, the participants listen to a short story which guide them through the water journey, from a comet from out of space to our glass. This is an inspiring activity to connect with the importance of water through Earth history, which will lead us to create art expressions.

After feeling history, energy and life flowing inside us, we continued the visit playing a game in which we looked at the photographs following different topics and sharing our ideas about what the artists wanted to express, capture or show. Soon we had a fluent communication channel and the children were very participate, so we could build an interactive walk that, despite the heat, made all of us enjoy the experience. We could feel that they were self-confident expressing creative ideas and that the kind of questions they asked, their concerns and suggestions, showed a cultural level that isn’t very common among their generation.

Thank you very much Together for Cambodia for sharing your thoughts and feelings about water with us, and thanks Lidia for making it happen by all means.

Date: March 19 Skills: exhibitions & activities, ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS

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