• UP & DOWN
  • UP & DOWN


We start this April 9th after having slept 9hours. Good. Very good. The first thing that we find when we leave our not so well-reputed guesthouse is a downward slope. Good. Very good. Upslope. Not so good. And another one. Damn it, a hill down will come right away. No, not now either. We are exhausted. Bad. Very bad. Rubber tree plantations on the right. Good. Downhill. Life is back. Rubber tree plantations AND shade. Perfect, we don’t want anything else in life. Steep slope. And another. Bufff… when is it going to finish??? Pepper plantations. Good. Pepper getting dry on the road. Good. Uphill. That doesn’t matter that much because it is balanced by the smell of green pepper drying under the sun. Upslope without pepper and with sun. Bad. And another one. Very bad. And, finally, crossroads with detour Mondulkiri. Dear Father, let us pray…

Date: April 9 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route


  1. Elvira
    Wednesday May 7th, 2014 at 07:51 AM · Reply

    Me encanta cuando contáis cómo las cosillas sencillas os hacen felices, la sombra, la cuesta abajo, el olor a pimienta…
    Y me hace aún más gracia como afrontáis los pequeños (y no tan pequeños) inconvenientes con un “Cachis en la mar” :)
    Ánimo ciclistas! Que ya tenéis mucho entrenamiento para las próximas cuestas!

    • artwatereness
      Wednesday May 7th, 2014 at 09:39 AM · Reply

      gracias por los ánimos!!! con vuestro apoyo es mucho más fácil (físicamente no.. ;P)

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