Today we have finally finished setting the exhibition up. This noon Through Waters’ satellite in Phnom Penh, our beloved Leyre, must come back to the city. Since the project started taking form in Cambodia, we have very much appreciated and loved Leyre being behind the scene, supporting us with her wisdom, love and willingness as a careful godmother would have done. In several ocasions in our lives, we have been very lucky with neighbourhood becoming friendship, we love life in community; and so much we do, that we even distinguish among those friends who have also been neighbours and those who haven’t. It all began being a joke, but , as everybody knows, in almost all jokes there is a hidden truth. This also happened to us with Leyre, who has become our neighbour for life no matter the distance. Thanks so much for everything Leyre! We officially inaugurated the exhibition with great success among the students from Krousar Thmey , who finished all the papers we had prepared for the visitors to join the artistic dialogue on water straight away. Free and profuse creativity. And our day has been topped by Alex’s amazing detail. He is one of our bicycle’s former father and our technical biking advisor and, using up Iberian charm and knowledge about the needs of Spanish cyclists abroad, he has sent us Spanish ham through his sister. There aren’t enough tears in the world to let our emotion out… Couldn’t have been more surprising, couldn’t have hit it more. Thank you very much Alex!


Date: Mar 9 Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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  1. Leyre
    Tuesday April 8th, 2014 at 08:46 AM · Reply

    Ayer estaba mi amor
    como aquella nube blanca
    que va tan sola en el cielo
    y tan alta,
    como aquella
    que ahora pasa
    junto a la luna
    de plata.

    que vas tan sola en el cielo
    y tan alta,
    junto a la luna
    de plata,
    vendrás a parar
    igual que mi amor,
    en agua,
    en agua del mar

    Mi amor tiene el ritornelo
    del agua, que, sin cesar,
    en nubes sube hasta el cielo
    y en lluvia baja hasta el mar.

    El agua, aquel ritornelo,
    de mi amor, que, sin cesar,
    en sueños sube hasta el cielo
    y en llanto baja hasta el mar.

    COMO AQUELLA NUBE BLANCA de León Felipe ;)

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