As many big days, yesterday was short and long, pleasurable and stressful, generous and demanding; yesterday was a complete day.

We had set the alarm clock really early, but we woke up before it rang; we weren’t nervous exactly, it was a mixture of excitement when we breathed deep and thought what was about to happen and willingness that everything would go well. We had left everything ready the days before, so we spent the morning celebrating the World Water Day in the virtual world and the afternoon, evening and night , honoring water it in the real world.

We received the students from Hun Sen High School in Siem Reap in the merged exhibition Krousar Thmey – Through Waters. Some deaf students also joined the activities with a translator the center had put at their disposal for so.


After sharing with all the participants our view on the significance of water by means of a performance in which we drank a glass of water in a conscious way, we did a quick guided tour looking for our favorite images of the exhibition; later, we discussed about the pictures and artists screening the photographs. Last, we did some painting artworks sharing our feelings about water, honoring this precious element in its day.


Then, some of the students went home and many others decided to stay although the school time was finished. They had a good reason: Mr. Peou Hang was coming to give a conference about Water management in Angkor and its region. We wished we had known more Khmer: the few things that we could understand with the help of spontaneous translators and the support of the presentation he was using (it was in English) were as instructive as motivating.


The audience paid focused attention to his speech and many students overcame their shyness and shared their concerns about what they have just discovered at the end. Mr. Hang, our premium speaker, thrilled us all sharing his wisdom as genius do: making complex things look simple.


The evening came and we run to Tlaitno’s outdoors theatre where everything was ready to start. We enjoyed an illustrating show in which we could learn many secrets of traditional Khmer dancing. Suddenly the rain surprised us in the middle of the dance of the rain… despite we are in the middle of the dry season!!! An unbeatable end for the celebration of the World Water Day.


Date: Mar 23 Skills: exhibitions & activities, ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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