artwatereness we are in ponleyWe hit the road with the first rays of light, some bananas in the stomach and the idea of having breakfast in Ponley to practise our Khmer to engage Chhnok Tru’s mein pum (the chief of the village) and set our exhibition there. Once there, rehearsing our magic sentences with the waitress, she questions our reasons to develop it there and not in her village, which is bigger, with more and better people; simple rivalry between neighbours? We will never know; she offers to bring us the mein pum there and we can’t reject such a good opportunity.

He comes, listens and likes our idea, but he is both hungry and busy, so we arrange a meeting for the evening. In the meantime, we are rigorously fed and warmly treated by the wonderful family who owns the breakfast restaurant where we stopped to study by chance, who invites us to join their daily life by all means.

In the evening, the mein pum appears in the restaurant with one of the teachers of the school, to link us with one thousand children who will enjoy our activities tomorrow.

We go to bed with a clear feeling that life flows when you are open.

Date: 5 Feb Skills: ISL - LSE, ON WHEELS, the route

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