The office work has possessed us. Being little and independent seems to be the best thing that could happen to an initiative like ours, but, as everything, it has pros and cons. Being small, you are quicker and more free to decide, what gives you a bigger margin of action at your scale; but there are also less shoulders to carry the burden of the responsibilities it involves, and the weight per person is heavier. Resizing a project, by planning and launching a whole second activity area when you are still in the middle on the first one, is not easy. Leaving everything ready before splitting a small team is even harder that if we were a big one. These last days we are living our adventure more indoors than we expected…

But, sometimes, office work brings its unexpected rewards. We decided to help a real meeting to happen, so we stopped looking at the computer’s screen for a while to visit Krousar Thmey school, looking to explore potential ways of collaboration there. We hadn’t even got off the bike, when we received the call from Paola saying that she had just seen us through her window! She is the godmother of one of our bicycles and it made us really excited to see her and spend some time together. Cambodia makes you feel things like these can happen anytime. It is kind of weird how, travelling around the country, you never lose a sense of connection that makes you feel everybody is somehow around: you get visits from your friends four and five hours away from their cities, or they appear when you are on your way to a meeting, a surprise parcel full of Spanish ham shows up,… We had a lovely dinner together with a friend of hers and this break gave us a bit of air for the final push before this new stage of the project starts.

Date: April 4-5 Skills: ON WHEELS, the route

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