Since the very beginning billions of years ago, the amount of water on Earth has always been the same for all and everything, during the whole history. The water which we drink every day is the same that was once drunk by a dinosaur; it has been sea, river, lake and waterfall; it has been cow, fish, broccoli; it has been drunk, eaten, sweated, cried; it has helped trees grow; it has been a cloud travelling miles across the sky; it has been storms in the middle of the ocean becoming afterwards the deepest part of it, getting to know the monsters of darkness, it has also been a monster itself; it has been many times evaporated and condensed in rain, and snow; it has been a princess, a slave, a monk, a soldier; it has travelled everywhere repeating the cycle once and again, once and again, once and again… and, now, it is here for you, letting you keep on being alive… isn’t this amazing?

Water is a magic element which connect us: it links us with our yesterday, through the memories that we share with it, and with our today, taking us to another world when we stop and think about it, the present evocations world, real and changing. Water takes the memories of all times and also takes us to all times. And, as it flows, it remembers and builds. Water connects us with our inner self when it becomes the conductor among the different enigmatic fragments inside us.
It connects us, when it gathers us in uncountable moments of our social life; it is not a coincidence that human civilizations were born by the shores of rivers, seas, and oceans. Water is the planet’s link, the origin, the channel and engine of relationships among all living beings.

Water is life and, as life, water is much more: water is memories, art, nature, culture…

Happy World Water Day!

Date: Mar 22 Skills: Celebrate, DIALOGUE, WORLD WATER DAY

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